The Irish Selection – from the Emerald Isle


Animal                                   C = cow, G = goat, E = Ewe
Milk Treatment                  R = Raw, P = Pasteurised
Rennett                                  T= Traditional, V= Vegetarian
County of Origin                 I = Ireland, GB = Britain, F = France, S = Switzerland, IT = Italy, H = Holland, N = Norway, SP = Spain
Allergens                                M = Milk

All cheeses are freshly cut to order. They are measured by eye and cut by hand. Occasionally weights of cheese may differ slightly from weights stated. Where a one cheese may be slightly lighter than intended another cheese will be slightly heavier to compensate.

 Allergen advice – all biscuits or crackers may contain nuts, wheat and gluten. All cheeses contain milk.


Make sure you have the Chieftains playing in the background when you tuck into this selection from the Emerald Isle. Creamy cheeses from Cork, Waterford, Armagh, Down and our bestselling chutney from Bangor. Pure quality

  • Hegarty’s Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar – a hand made cheese, matured in cloth allowing the cheese to breathe as it ages. Punchy and meaty, this cheese takes no prisoners leaving a lasting and piquant taste.
  •  Durrus – From West Cork, this soft rind cheese is bathed in brine and ripened to develop a mottled pinky grey rind. The taste changes with maturity. Similar to the French classic, Epoisses in both odour and texture, Durrus has become a stalwart of any Irish cheeseboard.
  •  Blue Bell Falls Honey, Thyme and Garlic Goatlog – a delicate, crumbly and intensely creamy goats cheese from Co.Cork.
  •  Young Buck – Made from cows’ milk gathered each morning from the lush pastures of Craigantlet, this cheese is carefully cradled in Newtownards by Mike Thompson. A rather piquant flavour with a blend of creaminess, this blue cheese made from raw milk is reaching all the best restaurants in Northern Ireland and afar.
  • Ballylisk Triple Rose – From the lush fields of Co. Armagh, this extra creamy cheese is decadent and pure to taste. Remove from fridge at least an hour before eating to taste at it’s best.

Colston Bassett Stilton                                               200g    C, P ,V, GB, M
Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar                     200g    C, P, V, GB, M
Landana Rosso Goat                                                     150g    G, P, V, H, M
Geitost                                                                              100g    G, P, V, N, M
Bluebell Falls Honey Thyme & Garlic Goat Log      100g
Fine Cheese Co Crackers
Hawkshead Fig & Cinnamon Chutney


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