The Godminster Collection – The most popular cheese in our store


Godminster Star                                                          200g    C, P, V, GB, M
Godminster Heart                                                       200g    C, P, V, GB, M
Godminster Smoked                                                   200g    C, P, V, GB, M
Godminster Truffle                                                     200g    C, P, V, GB, M
Godminster Water Biscuits
Godminster Beetroot & Apple Chutney

All cheeses are freshly cut to order. They are measured by eye and cut by hand. Occasionally weights of cheese may differ slightly from weights stated. Where a one cheese may be slightly lighter than intended another cheese will be slightly heavier to compensate.

 Allergen advice – all biscuits or crackers may contain nuts, wheat and gluten. All cheeses contain milk.

The Godminster Collection – The most popular cheese in our store, Godminster represents top quality cheddar, made from purely organically farmed milk. What’s more it’s suitable for vegetarians. And the taste…oh the taste, creamy with a hint of crunchiness, it is how cheddar should taste but so rarely does. Become a Godminster fan…you’ll never look back.

  • Godminster Organic Cheddar – a deliciously creamy cheese, it is made from organic farmed milk and vegetarian rennet and can be savoured either smoked  (over aged oak no less) or non smoked.
  • A new arrival to the team is the sublimely decadent Black Truffle cheese.
  • All of the Godminster Collection are individual cheeses encased in wax, and they make a great visual impact.
  • Put simply, Godminster Vintage Cheddar tastes the way good cheddar should.

Animal                                   C = cow, G = goat, E = Ewe
Milk Treatment                  R = Raw, P = Pasteurised
Rennett                                  T= Traditional, V= Vegetarian
County of Origin                 I = Ireland, GB = Britain, F = France, S = Switzerland, IT = Italy, H = Holland, N = Norway, SP = Spain
Allergens                               M = Milk


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