Hegarty’s Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar


Country: Ireland
Milk Type: Raw
Animal: Cow
Allergens: Milk
Suitable for vegetarians: Yes

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Traditionally made Irish cloth-bound cheddar from Co Cork aged for one year. Firm texture, nutty relatively mild, but still cheddary piquant flavour tones. The first wheel of Hegarty’s cheddar hit the market in 2002. The brothers, Dan and John Hegarty, make their cheddar using traditional methods; milling and salting the curds by hand and wrapping the cheese in muslin and lard. The cloth rind allows the cheese to breathe as it ages and dry gently. This gives a cheddar with a distinct earthy flavour and a really pleasant slightly crumbly texture. Younger wheels can have a lactic/ lemony flavour. Only summer’s milk from their own herd is used in production.


1kg (upto 12 people), 250g (upto 3 people), 500g (upto 6 people)

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