Perl Las


County: Dyfed

Cheese-maker: Carwyn Adams

Farm: Fferm Glyneithinog

Style: Blue

Milk Type: Pasteurised, Cow

Age: 2 months +


Allergens: Milk


This is a blue cheese made by Carwyn Adams and his family at Caws Cenarth Cheese, Dyfed, West Wales. Carwyn’s parents; Gwynfor and Thelma Adams have been farming for over 42 years. They established the cheese making business in 1987, as a response to the EEC milk quotas which threatened the viability of the family farm. To do so, Thelma and Gwynfor drew on skills derived from a long family tradition of cheese making to use up their surplus milk. Today their cheese making business is thriving, with their son Carwyn at the helm. Cheese is still made entirely by hand in the time-honoured way, and pressed in hundred-year-old cast iron presses. Carwyn developed the recipe for Perl Las whilst experimenting with some Caerphilly cheeses that had gone wrong. A young Perl Las (which translates as blue pearl in English) has a light taste and a salty flavour. When it is more mature it becomes golden in colour and stronger in taste, yet still with a creamy flavour.

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