Kirkham’s Lancashire

County: Lancashire

Cheese-makers: Ruth and Graham Kirkham

Farm: Beesley

Style: Hard

Milk Type: Unpasteurised Cow

Age: 2- 6 months


Allergens: Milk



A traditional, crumbly, unpasteurised Lancashire, with a wonderfully moist, pressed texture, and a mellow tang. Graham Kirkham makes traditional, crumbly Lancashire at Goosnargh. The milk for the cheese comes from their own herd of Friesian cows. The cheese is made over 3 days using a third of the curd from each day of cheese making. The cheese is then cloth bound and rubbed with the traditional butter, which allows the cheese to breathe and develop and matured from 2- 6 months.

The Kirkhams have been making cheese for 3 generations.  Graham learned to make cheese from his mother who now helps her husband to milk the cows. The Kirkhams are the last makers of traditional Lancashire. The three-day curd method comes from the days where farmers only had a few cows and it would take 3 days to get enough curd to fill one cheese mould.

The flavour of the unpasteurised milk and the buttered muslin rind produces a rich and complex white Lancashire which melts in the mouth. It also creates the desired “buttery crumble” and is clean and lactic in flavour. It also makes the connoisseurs’ cheese on toast, because it bubbles rather than melts.

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