Brun de Noix


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Country: France
Milk Type: Raw
Animal: Cow
Allergens: Milk
Suitable for vegetarians: No

Please note: Price is per Cheese but allow for per half cheese portion.


Brun de Noix is a particularly unusual cheese, even for a washed rind. A raw cow’s milk cheese, uncooked and pressed, it is aged 1-2 months, during which it is washed regularly with walnut liqueur which gives the rind it’s rich, polished-amber brown rind. The paste is semi-firm and dense, lightly eyed, and springy to the touch and smooth on the tongue. The aroma is nutty (of course), with a yeasty pungency. The flavour is really where the Brun distinguishes itself; the Brun is just straight up sweet yet mellow on the tongue.

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